Soccer/Football/American Football, clearing the confusion

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31 Dec 2006, 10:57 pm

Soccer in the USA is Football everywhere else
Football in the USA is American Football everywhere else

In order to avoid confusion in posts, it would be helpful, if everyone agreed
to use A. Football, or American Football, when talking about football in the USA with quarterbacks and stuff
and for Soccer, and Football to refer to kicking the black and white ball into goals.

Agreed :?:


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10 Jan 2007, 11:02 pm

Not sure this is really necessary. You can tell the sport by the context. EG. (American) football = yards, downs, quarterbacks, linebackers, US cities or states, etc. (everyone else) football or soccer = pitch, side, European cities, etc.

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09 May 2007, 4:20 pm

So why should 72% of all native English speakers kowtow to the linguistic demands of 21% of the native English speaking population?

To most of the native English speaking world, a football is shaped like a double ended bullet, not a sphere.

If you really want to end the confusion, you can call your sport "Association Football"... or if you're going to be self deprecating, call it "Diveball" or "Flopball". :P


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09 May 2007, 6:38 pm

Maybe we (America, plus Canada [I think]) can call it Steroid Helmet Warriors is something like that.


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09 May 2007, 6:42 pm

there is no confusion, soon as one side scores more than 3 points, then we know which sport.


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10 May 2007, 4:29 pm

I believe that folks in England use the term soccer to describe the honchos upstairs aka the FA, or UEFA, or FIFA, or the Law Board, etc.

Association Football, or soccer (code)
American Football (code)
Canadian Football (code)
Rugby (League, or Union) (code)
Gaelic Football (code)
Aussie Football (code)

It isn't so hard to distiguish any of the football codes whatsoever, maybe the basic rugby forms might by confusing though.

So how do Americans know they are watching Canadian football? Easy, count 12 guys, find red penalty flags, wider and longer fields, deeper end zones, and the posts are at the goal line. Oh, and they punt on third down, not fourth.

It doesn't bother me to type Am. football when I mention football. Maybe soccer gurus can just type assoc. football, my thoughts.


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11 May 2007, 6:00 am

Although the unqualified term Football to me as a European means only one thing,I appreciate that WP is an American site so would always indicate (soccer) to avoid confusion.

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