If the Quran is the original word of God...

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27 Jan 2013, 7:41 am

Tequila wrote:
It isn't much cop in the modern world, though, is it? To most Muslims alive today, Classical Arabic might as well be grandiose holy scribbling.

To be honest translating it in the English has already been done, and they also have madrassas. Just like the bible, people can read, and not really pay attention to meaning,.

Perhaps it is worse, if people with limited experience of other cultures, and modern life do understand the meaning.

In Mali in the south Islam is mixed with Animist African tradition as is the case that whole section of western coastal Africa except a few case like Nigera. They have different problem, but is a more easy going form of Islam. The Tuareg in the north have a more strict, and unadulterated form of Islam.

The irony is the Tuareg are related to Berber not Arab, there original inhabitants of North Africa, which have their own traditions and religions. Other Berber groups in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco have fought for year to be able to use their own language (including written), and practice some of their culture an beliefs.

My personal theory why the Tuereg, are different is because The Magreb is such a difficult place to be, and Arabs made packs with them and rewarded them, enough for them to adopt Arab religion.

This when on even recently, Gaddafi was doing this. he knew than dispute lines on a map, Libya is a thin strip on the cost, as the rest of the country is desert. He was able to use Tuereg to do a lot of his dirty work (especially conflict with Berber), and provide some safe haven.

In fact it wouldn't surprise me, if recent event are in part to do with that.


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27 Jan 2013, 8:15 am

Unlike the Bible which is almost written as a riddle in parts, having read the Qu'ran I fail to see it even needs interpreting, its seems to have a very basic and simple message that could have been written on one page, namely, God is the most evil torturer that has ever existed, and he is going to torture you in the most horrific ways if you do not worship him.

Unlike the hadiths, there is absolutely no prophesy in the Qu'ran which tends to be the parts of the Bible most in need of interpretation and as Daniel reported in Chapter 12. "seal up the words until the time of the end", a lot of Biblical Prophesy is written in such a clever way, that it is protected until God himself reveals it to those who need to know, yet I found no such depth to the Qu'ran.

I also consider that rather than blasphemy, those who follow the Qu'ran are committing Idolatry, such is their veneration of a book.
Even if something was from God himself, it still should only be God who is worshiped, otherwise it becomes Idolatry as can be seen with the case of Moses Copper Serpent that had to be destroyed as people where worshiping it.