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04 Feb 2013, 10:23 am

Who_Am_I wrote:
InThisTogether wrote: are you saying you think it is because the level of concentration required to listen to speech is so intense that it leads to mental fatigue? It's a capacity issue?

I know this wasn't addressed to me, but it certainly is the case for me.

Me too.

To the following with the face blindness. So sure I can see (Eyes, Nose, Chin, Mouth etc...) so if I met someone, who would be missing such things, and I would look into his face too, so i would know, that there is something missing. But the brain has an own part to separate minimal differences, and this seems not to be working. So I even didnt recognize my jr. Chef one time, when I met him on a Friday, until he spoke to me. So he had taken a free day and only made a short visit in our company, and he had a complete different style of cloths. So when I saw him, I knew, that there was something weird about this person, but only when he spoke to me I recognized my Jr. Chef in short trousers. ^^

Because of this, I dont really look into other people faces by intuitive, so things like new hairstyles or such stuff, that are obvious for others may be not noticed from me. Only when speaking in loud areas I stare at other people mouths, because its easier for me to listen to them. Because of this, I do not liked synchronized films, because the movement of the lips does not fit to the spoken, which feels weird.