It seems to me Aspie women have an easier time then men in

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08 Jan 2007, 7:31 am

snake321 wrote:
Actually I don't think so. I mean, your not gonna get a reliable voice for the autism community on this site because over half of them are pretenders, trendies.

I don’t think that’s a very appropriate thing to say.

snake321 wrote:
What are the bottom line autistic traits? Analytical, logical, thinking (but not so logical it's illogical, such as morality being a myth).

I don’t think you’re the final authority on this…

snake321 wrote:
I mean, all our greatest minds were AS and that was in a time period when we were even a much smaller minority (meaning they really overcame the herd).

…or this.

snake321 wrote:
But this is why we've been acknowledged as problem solvers.... Do you have any idea how often my NT friends come to me whenever they need to resolve an issue? I'm completely unbiased.

BS. (sorry)

snake321 wrote:
And, I do believe it is evolution. I don't think it's every aspie, I think it's some of us who have been seperated from the heard so long, and bullied by the herd for so long, that we tore away, which lead us to challenge and question not only our own behaviors, but those of others as well.... Autism was the first step in the next stage of evolution.

I sure am tired of hearin’ this. It is yet to be determined whether autism is the first step in the next stage of evolution. Natural selection will make the final determination, according to Darwin.

snake321 wrote:
But when a guy comes on here, and talks about juggling women, or laughing WITH a post where aspies are being openly discriminated against by the same kind of people who bully us in schools, I think it's safe to say that theyr not even one of us. Most aspies are either really stone-aged old fashioned, or their waaaaaayyyyyy ahead of the times.... Me, like most of us, fall into the latter category.

Would Tony Attwood concur?

snake321 wrote:
I mean I don't think this is too hard to believe, kids go around openly all the time pretending to have AD(H)D, Bipolar, white kids who have a bare drop of native american blood call themselves native americans and go around trying to act ghetto (you know, trying to pass as ethnic), and theyr pale as a ghost. I've seen this thing ALOT.

Yes, indeed, it’s not too hard to believe. Lots of things are not too hard to believe. Very NT thinking. What’s hard is doing the research, citing sources, and supporting conclusions.

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