Rant my Aspies! rant like youve never ranted before!

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11 Feb 2013, 4:18 am

i don't really like people who like judder. :hmph:

Pileated woodpecker
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11 Feb 2013, 9:42 am

League_Girl wrote:
My old school burned down. The fire department from my town drove all the way up into their town to help their city fire department with the fire. I couldn't believe some of the heartless comments I saw about the disaster "it's just a building" "People are just pantsies" "Move on" and even i feel some emotional attachment to it because I had attended there and now that building no longer exists. Sure they can rebuild it but it would be a different school and it would be more modern and look different. I am sure it will still have the same name and the same mascot. It started in the middle of the night and around 3:17 am on Sunday morning, they got the report about the fire in the school so they came and started putting it out and by then the building was already gone because the fire was too severe so all they could do was keep the flames under control. Now places are doing donation for supplies that were lost in the fire. One 5th grader even left her Kindle in her desk so she lost that in the fire. All the grades will be going to different elementary schools now but they will still have the same teacher and same classmates but the whole entire school will be split up going to different elementary schools. Those who have never ridden the bus will be taken to a high school where they will get on the bus and go to their new temporary school and their teachers will be riding the bus with them. The rest who took the bus to their burned down school will still be riding the same bus and taking the same routes except it will take them to their temporary schools. Only thing standing is the gym which also looked badly damaged and the playground still stands and the portables. The rest gone and all a black spot with burned up bricks and door frames and all. I so want to drive by it but maybe next weekend.

Eh I didn't "rant" about my special interests, I just "ranted" about something that shocked me and surprised me so I spent hours reading all about it last night and reading different same articles about it. It happened this past weekend and I found out about it last night because I don't watch the news anymore. No one knows yet what started the fire except kids were shooting off fireworks close to the school right before the school burned down.

Would that be Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver? I'm sorry to hear that that happened. One of the elementary schools that I used to go to got converted into something else for a few years, and then later demolished. It didn't really affect me negatively, though, because I have no fond memories of elementary school. :(

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11 Feb 2013, 2:00 pm

People who loud talk sports stats/news all day long like everyone in the room keeps up with it as much as they do. Then I usually realize that most of the people in the room do, just not me. I don't get it I guess, not much for ball sports myself.

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