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26 Jun 2017, 7:24 pm

People are always mishearing things and it's not really unusual. But I've seen I don't know how many reports there have been on the news where the parents who just got their kid the latest talking toy or electronic pet claimed that it said something really inappropriate.

Like that mother who thought a baby doll said "Islam is the light" a few years ago. The doll was supposed to only babble and not say actual words except "mama". I guess the mother was just really Islamophobic. :(

And then there was the talking Elmo book about potty training when they thought Elmo said "Time to die!" when he really said "Time to go!"

And even before that, there were talking Teletubbies where people thought Poe, the small red Teletubbie, was saying "F***t f***t, bite my butt", and Tinky Winky, the tall purple Teletubbie, was saying "I got a gun" when he was really saying "again, again!". They ended up changing the dolls' phrases.

Not long ago I even saw a report somewhere in Canada where the parents thought they heard the Hatchimal they got their kid said a swear. And then the father swears right on camera while discussing it. It was bleeped out but still hilarious. They don't want a toy to say bad words but the parents can say it, right on TV? Also they still let the kid keep it. Well they sure aren't cheap or easy to find right now, anyway.


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26 Jun 2017, 8:35 pm

hello thread it is seaweed with hilarious receptive SLD. "what?" is my go-to response and i know people get annoyed with having to repeat themselves, especially more than once, so i ration my repeat requests and leave a lot of misheard things unresolved. i rely on inference a lot and as i have gotten older i've gotten better at it but the combination of misprocess and inference make for some strange phrases. here are some gems from last week.

"you look like fun when you spread your legs" -a non-vulgar, unassuming coworker.

"i can getchu any drug" -no context whatsoever. we have never even talked about drugs before.

"take care of my groundhogs" -groundhogs?

"make sure you grab your tower key" -i have access to a tower?

"one time she made omen pies for church and brought us leftovers" -i hope they really said lemon pies.

song lyrics are completely lost on me. if i want to know them i must read them. i still gibberish for song lyrics.


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29 Jun 2017, 9:29 am

Re. swearing toys, I remember hearing something about Minions dolls in McDonald's Happy Meals saying curse words. I think there were other cases of toys spouting obscenities as well, although I don't remember all the details.


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02 Jul 2017, 8:45 pm

I always heard "varicose veins" as "very-close veins." It made sense to me because I thought people were saying they were very close to the surface. :roll:


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02 Jul 2017, 11:01 pm

I misheard myself when I talked really fast and precise (or at least that's what I thought) ONE TIME.
I heard complete gibberish, and my boss is the listener.

I had asked her twice what crap did I said -- which I did spoke right: fast and precise as I thought. Yet I heard it really wrong. 8O


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