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12 Mar 2013, 9:05 pm

Unfortunately, not all, but a large number of the so-called 'conspiracies' including the FEMA camps are well documented. This goes counter to the prevailing opinion here, but there are very unpleasant realities about the current power structures that we cannot ignore simply because they scare us.

But just because we shouldn't accept the status quo doesn't mean we should live in constant fear; this goes both ways. One of the main reason conspiracies are carried out in the first place is to keep people in a state of fear. Although I listen to him, there isn't only Alex Jones out there; there are other researchers who work hard at exposing the dark side of the power structures in a less sensationalistic way. The truth can be overwhelming, but as you get more aware, it won't affect you as much.

About the kids at Sandy Hook having been kidnapped / murdered by a swat team, while this isn't impossible, I don't think that's likely given the amount of effort it would take and the number of people involved. If it was a conspiracy it was more likely a brainwashed assassin. But whatever happened doesn't remove anything to the tragedy of what was done to the Sandy Hook children.