Actual reality vs. perceived reality

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27 Mar 2013, 4:44 pm

This is a very difficult point for me, because after all it's not 'polite' to get angry, but I am.

Did it ever occur to you that every part of you rebels because it's WRONG? There's nothing wrong with learning to front when necessary, I'm pretty good at it myself. But when I get home do you think I wear that mask for another second? It's not all one-or-the-other. Even if I can't help but be sorry for you, I wish I didn't. No one deserves to be treated that way, and your actions are even more terrible because you KNOW that it's not right.

Children are not stupid, you can explain why it's important to be a chameleon without breaking him. I don't see why you have to continue a cycle of abuse to do that. I don't see why your kid needs another bully in his head and in his home when there are already so many people willing to do the favor.

You can be a teacher and not a drill Sargent.