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08 Mar 2013, 1:03 pm

I've decided I would like to try and have a bit of independence, and want to try a part time Job, however I am in my last year at college, and taking the most important exams. Just wondering if any one had any suggestions on a part time job that would cause minimal stress to an aspie!!


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08 Mar 2013, 6:59 pm

The only non-stressing job I ever had was an on-campus job doing cleaning work on weekends when I was in college. I worked alone and was paid for X number of hours to accomplish a list of tasks which usually took x-1hour.

Every other job I've had was fairly stressful during the first 3-6 months or more. That includes professional jobs wherein the work was within my expertise. Getting to know how how each company/boss wants things is always a learning curve and the new employee will inevitably be less efficient than established co-workers for a while. Also, simply not knowing where everything is and who to go to for what; drags on efficiency. All stressful.

Getting experience in the workplace (any work, no matter how menial) is the best advise I could give to any student. The workplace is a whole different world and much of what it requires is quite similar, no matter the job or setting.

Given the energy involved in entering the workforce for the 1st time; your timing might be a bit rough. I had my 1st job the summer before my junior year in HS. Yep, menial job. I would not have liked doing that for the 1st time during the very demanding last semester of my senior year in college.

If you decide not to start work now (or can't find something that fits your schedule) please do yourself the favor of taking a job, any job immediately upon graduating. You can work during the time you are job hunting for a career position.

As an employer I would not want to hire a professional who has never functioned in the workplace at all. And the worker is better off not tainting himself within his career industry with the pit-fall mistakes of a brand new worker.


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11 Mar 2013, 6:50 am

data entry job is less stressful
and if you work from home then there is no office politics

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