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15 Mar 2013, 6:42 am

Definitely relate, but I think that I have more of a tendency to over edit myself or stay quiet to compensate. This helped keep me out of trouble(somewhat :? ),but maybe has limited me as much as pure social inability. It's kind of like chicken/egg, so who's to say? Anyway, I feel your pain there, but in some circumstances I think people don't speak up to me because they feel it's impolite. Maybe you can find some people who will try to see your viewpoint instead of immediately attacking you? It always comes down to meeting halfway(that annoying communication thing... :) )

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15 Mar 2013, 8:26 am

nessa238 wrote:
In terms of saying stuff off the top of your head that ends up offending others, you could try instigating an edit function in your brain whereby you say to yourself, "Is there a chance this might offend someone?" before you say anything and if you are in doubt, don't say it.

A good idea in theory except the answer will always be yes, because there are always someone that will take offense at something. Some people seem to like the challenge :roll:

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