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28 Apr 2013, 4:17 pm

I found a very intersting article:

The Relationship of Asperger’s Characteristics and Schizotypal Personality Traits in a Non-clinical Adult Sample ... p_2006.pdf

The Relationship Between AD and SPD
These findings have implications for conceptualizing schizophrenia and autism spectrums; i.e. whether or not they exist on distinct or separate spectra. While both AD and SPD are considered separate diagnoses, they share traits at a descriptive level (see Tables 1, 2) and according to our semi-partial correlations (see Table 5). This relationship has clinical implications if considering whether there are actually two distinct spectra. Consider, first, what would be the case if the two disorders, usually thought of as being members of two distinct spectra, were members of the same spectrum. If so, it may be that the behavioral phenotypes as described in the DSM IV would in fact be one and the same although they come to appear different when positive symptoms emerge in some cases. Consider, on the other hand, what would be the case if the disorders actually do come from two different spectra. If so, it may be that at some point in the developmental course of the two disorders, they may appear almost identical, and in fact, individuals on the two spectra who become “stuck” within this behaviorally similar period may never be able to be differentiated based upon behavioral tests, alone.

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10 May 2013, 10:47 am

Raziel wrote:
I listened the last days to an expert discussion about schizophrenia, because my half-brother had schizophrenia. So I'm a bit interested in this disorder. They also talked about the fact that some schizophrenic people have autistic like symptoms in childhood, sometimes with learning disorders, but unlike autistic people they suddenly catch up in teen years/young adoolthood and then develop schizophrenia. Well besides of the schizophrenia, that's exactly what happend in my case. I mostly catched up within a very short period of time, with 14 years of age and had nearly complitly catched up in young adoolthood. But I had many typical autistic signs in childhood and also dyslexic, but was always somehow social.
Sadly I don't really find anything about that statement that some schizophrenics have autistic-like symptoms in childhood...!? :?
So I wonder if I maybe developed schizotypal personality disorder instead and if this also applies for this disorder?

This is kinda funny because 14 is when I had my major psychotic break. (At the time though, since I was so guarded, it was seen as mostly overvalued ideas and I received a schizotypal diagnosis from the same doctor who had before diagnosed me with Asperger's.) Of course, it's not clear what it was. Because of some grandiose themes in the delusions, it could have been mania; it could even have been an atypical psychosis that sometimes develops in ASD; or it might have been something on the schizophrenia spectrum.

Anyway, what makes this so funny, is that after I was put on a high dose of antipsychotics and the psychosis had lifted, I had a major functional improvement, becoming more functional than I ever had been in my life, relative to age. I had problems with disorganized speech for years before even the psychotic episode, but after that it disappeared*; I had major problems with inhibition and controlling my emotions--those improved as well. Even when I went off the antipsychotic on my own, I still maintained my improvements. It was like I got the improvement, but it was after the psychotic episode.

* This might have been due to better self-monitoring. I suspect I still have a high level of cognitive disorganization.

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17 May 2013, 10:13 am

This is a really interesting thread, thanks for the links to the tests:

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