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28 Mar 2013, 5:39 pm

naturalplastic wrote:
pawelk1986 wrote:
naturalplastic wrote:
AgentPalpatine wrote:
Goodwin's Law in 2 pages on drinking ages, that's impressive!

"Drinking ages" was never REALLY his topic.

I was the only respondant who actually addressed the subtext of his question- that being "how can I become a demigogue?"

Its pretty hard NOT to talk about demigogary and not think of the man with the little mustache.

I'm admit i'm troll :D an aspie troll :D

But the topic is very much true, I wondered what would happen if in my country introduced an unpopular law such as incresing drinking age like in America. Does i can I take advantage of this fact and antagonize the public, in my example, young adults against adults warm their anger, so I could fulfil my dream, have power be Prime Minister instead of the Prime Minister :D , It worked in ancient time, worked in Middle Ages and Renascence, it certainly can work in modern time:s-)

Maybe you can persuade the electorate of Poland that the current prime minister is hiding his birth certificate because he was really born in Kenya!

Obama joke, nice :D