Getting tested for aspergers? Is it worth it?

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13 Apr 2013, 9:14 am

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I wanted the validation. I wanted to feel allowed to be who I am. I know that there are people who will probably go "pfft" at this and say that you don't need permission to be who you are, but I will speculate that they grew up and continue to live in more accepting surroundings and aren't under the same unrelenting pressure to conform, or that they just happen to be a better fit for their particular environment by chance. If your environment is largely hostile, though, the validation that you really are different and can't adapt to perfection in order to fit in perfectly can really be liberating. It relieves you of the pressure to try where it really isn't necessary and can help you to build up the strength to demand more tolerance from others for your way of being. Labels aren't the enemy, intolerance is. If people think labels are bad, then I would hold that avoiding them also gives you a default label: normal. You don't get to avoid labels. And normal comes with the expectation to be entirely normal, something that the overwhelming majority of people on the spectrum aren't ideally positioned to be. And now we're back to whether your environment tolerates the deviation or not, and whether the label 'AS' would help you to be more like you need to be.

This is EXACTLY why I am seeking a diagnosis, you explain it well lamplighter. A couple of people have questioned my 'need for a label' but I couldn't explain it as well as this to them. I am a bit worried about not being believed or if people think I'm a hypocondriac or something.

Hi! didn't even realise I had done this! I am new here and I was having trouble with quoting someone, as I hadn't done it before - I ended up posting the comment and then it didnt put it into a quote box so I copied it again (from my post!) to try to get the quote thing to work. I never saw that it said my name instead of lamplighters. I realise it would seem like I was trying to take credit for something someone else wrote, I never even saw this until you pointed this out and I looked again! It was a simple mistake.

You didn't write all that. Lamplighter did.

I just did something strange there again with the quoting!