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19 Apr 2013, 6:36 pm

Any thoughts?

I have a wedding tomorrow and making small talk is something I'm not very good at. What would you say at the meet and greet part? Unless I've rehearsed what to say I usually mess it up or it comes out wrong.

Lovely service wasn't it? is about all I have at the moment. Rather a cliche and predictable. Some of the people in the line up will be family, which is almost worse as I have to come up with something more formal to say to people I'm usually more casual with.


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19 Apr 2013, 6:48 pm

Ask name? How do you know the couple? If friend of bride/groom, how did you meet? Or how long have you known bride/groom? Did you travel far for the service? How long have you lived there? What's it like?

Questions, questions, and more questions. My only difficulty when I happen to remember to do this, is getting stuck in thinking of the next question and flubbing the listening part and losing track of what they are talking about?

And a good exit line... How's the bar service? Think I'll get/freshen my drink.


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19 Apr 2013, 7:48 pm

You tell the groom "congratulations" and you tell the bride "best wishes". It's considered rude to say congratulations to the bride, so you only say best wishes or something like "I wish you a wonderful life together".

To other guests you shake hands and say hello, and you simply respond to what they say. You should say something about the wedding or the couple or something complimentary about the whole thing, but then you can bring up some current event or something like that. Usually you don't have to say much, there should be some dancing or music at the reception and you can watch the people on the dance floor with a slight smile on your face. If the person next to you doesn't seem to want to talk, then just sit or stand there and watch the others. If you want to get out of the placement or situation you are in, look like you see someone you recognize and walk away. If you have been talking to the person just say "Excuse me" and then walk off. You can actually get by with doing that all evening.

I'm giving it another shot. We will see.
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