Products & services you personally hate and blacklist...

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Blue Jay
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07 May 2013, 8:13 am

BT and TalkTalk, the most pointless and absolutely pathetic waste of timers ever, no offence to the people who actually have no problems using these two services but for me, I totally despise them. Not because of the way they like to set out their service but the way the staff who work there tend to sometimes act towards you. It reminds me of this one time when they kept on sending both of my parents "false bills" they never seemed to kept the actual cost the same, they just began to increase the monthly cost, tried to make us pay up what we don't have. Pretty sad really, I was even starting to like being part of the whole BT experience. Oh well, these things happen. Got sky broadband now, leaving the troubled past behind. :roll:

(Please be aware that these are my opinions only, if you think otherwise I for one am not the person to go against that.)

Customer services, now that has got to be the most problematic thing ever. (If you know what I mean?)