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26 May 2013, 6:28 pm

Wasn't very sure where to post this, but I have strong suspicions that I suffer from dysgraphia or some sort of apraxia.
It takes me a long time to achieve decent handwriting, and even then there is a high chance that it will have errors and inconsistencies (e.g. one letter bigger than the other). My wrists hurt after a short time and am also unable to draw things properly.
The problem is that I love the arts, but cannot do what I want so I feel very sad because of this...
Is there a way for me to get enough confidence and perhaps learn how to make music and draw/paint? I'd love to make portraits and cityscapes.
I have some books but they are very advanced for me.
Writing would be a terrific thing, too, but I keep repeating words. :?


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26 May 2013, 7:08 pm

DatGrafia, whaz the diffrnce??


Motorskills issues are common with ASD, you'll have to do like with everything else: try harder or give it up or cope or find an avenue around the inhibitor.

I mean, what else can you really do about it?

well, besides ask for advice which is what I reckon you're doing here... heh, color me red.

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26 May 2013, 7:09 pm

I have dysgraphia and was only mediocre on musical instruments because of my poor fine motor skills. however, I can sing. have you tried singing?

I can draw in pencil with frequent erasing and re-drawing. I have a good eye, but not good hands.