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Have you ever been bullied for having Asperger's?
Not at all, people just accept it 6%  6%  [ 5 ]
Yes, very severely to the point of harassment/assault 52%  52%  [ 43 ]
Yes, but only moderately 16%  16%  [ 13 ]
I hide my Asperger's Syndrome from people 27%  27%  [ 22 ]
Total votes : 83


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23 Nov 2018, 2:28 pm

I voted that I "hid" it, but that's only true in one sense. I didn't tell people about it, so they didn't know that's what was wrong with me, but they very clearly knew I was "weird." There were some kids who were mean to me because of it, but the troubling thing is, the bullying mostly came from people I thought were my friends. It was sort of a repeating pattern - I would have a number of friends and acquaintances, then some kid would show up at the school who the other kids would stay away from. I would feel bad for that kid and befriend him. The thing I didn't get is that the other kids stayed away because there was something wrong with them - I suspect these kids I felt bad for were rejected by the others because they were mean, manipulative, narcissistic, or any number of other issues. I didn't sense those things about them. So I'd spend years basically being abused by these little jerks.


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20 Jan 2019, 11:25 pm

MagicMeerkat wrote:
I believe we need cameras in school hallways and classrooms with the ability to record sound.

I work at school and I have suggested so to my boss, although I am not the one that is bullied but I know that there are students that are bullied.

That has been rejected because of privacy issues. It is the building managers and teachers who will enforce proper behaviour and not bullying.