Do you feel emotionally detached from others?

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08 Aug 2013, 4:41 pm

Emotional detachment, is often used to detach ourselves from a memorable object or person to which one finds no cause or is fiction without placement. It not just having an Asd, which helps zone out trouble within a confined surround or group interrogation, thus intended to make someone feel more inferior to them, but having emotional awareness which heightens your surrounds including belongings of a more personal nature can have a negative often far reaching effect on a person and their beahviours.
I've been preyed on in various discussions people were having in the past, not that I wasn't interested, I just couldn't identify often with the topic or lingo, which verbal attitudes play an important part in life lesson. My responses could often be limited, but not without some common detachment and rational explanation first, which most people counldn't provide me with.
I am a commonly misplaced person, I openly accept my difficulties with the utmost assertiveness anyone in my position can be willing to accept as well as deny. My life is an open and shut case, a mad lost sequel spread out over the passage of time and place, whereby the only person who thinks they know me ends up being the one person I wish would shut up, as its usually about themselves not the other person in question. Excuse me as I wipe my eyes dry and the slate clean again.