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29 Jan 2007, 2:47 am

I am Christian. But, as a physicist, I believe in exploring many different theories, both the ones with which I agree with, and the ones I don't. So, I have Christian theories, Jewish theories, atheist theories, etc. For personal reasons I chose to stick with Christian theories. However, in this particular post I would like to explore atheist version. So, according to the theory presented in this post, Christianity have miserably failed, and a lot of what was written in the New Testament was a defense mechanism of the disciples.

Have you ever rmemeber that when you were little kids and you were playing with other kids and you lost. Then in the middle of rage you would explaim "I didn't want to win anyway; in fact I was the one who screw mysefl up, yes I deliberately did it because I wanted to lose". I am not sure if anyone else did it, but I did it plenty of times. When I was so enraged over being "weak" I wanted to portray myself as insance INSTEAD of weak. I wanted to say "no I didn't lose because I was weak; I lost becaues I did it DELIBERATELY". I even do it now with women. If I begin to sense that I am turning a woman off, I would hurry up and do a bunch of HUGE things to turn her off, such as name calling, swearing, etc. just in order to be able to tell to myself that she is turned off because I did it DELIBERATELY and NOT because I am unattractive.

I believe that the whole thing about Judas Escariot could have been made up by the disciples who wanted to say the same thing. They were basically saying "no, the guards didn't find us, rather one of our own betrayed Jesus". What is even more telling is the graphic way in which it was portrayed how the disciples were trying to defend Jesus while Jesus kept telling them NOT to defend him. And even more graphic is when either Judas or the guards were procrastinating Jesus kept telling htem "do what you came here to do". And also how Ponte Pilate was trying to encourage Jesus to defend himself while Jesus was deliberately quite.

From this point of view I can explain easilly why Jews, rather than Romans, are portrayed as Christ killers. So in the theory I am considering in this article, I will assume that Romans were the ones who wanted him dead, and the charges were NOT blashphemy (i.e. the ones Jews were charging him with) but rather the fact that he was stirring Jewish revolt against Rome. In this case, the crucifixion of Jesus is an example of victory of Rome over Jews. So the Jewish disciples who didn't want to admit that Jews (i.e. their team) lost the game, decided to instead make it as if Jews killed their own, while portraying an enemy (i.e. Ponte Pilate) as someone extremely unwilling to kill Jesus, and htus making it clear that Jews would of won IF they didn't "choose" to lose (i.e. put Jesus to death).

And now lets talk about the verse "his blood be upon us and upon our children". Remember, in first century Christians were presecutted by Rome as a Jewish sect -- in fact they were persecutted even more than Jews were. So, they didn't want to admit that they were persecutted because they were weak. Instead they wanted to say they (i.e. Jews) were persecutted because tehy called a curse upon themselves. Hence the verse.

So the bottom line is that, as first century Jews, the disciples of Jesus had a lot of temper tantrums over the fact that Romans conqured them so they decided to have a defense mechanism (i.e. denial) and say that they, Jews (i.e. passion scene) and they, desciples (i.e. Judas Escariot), and their own leader (Jesus Christ) did it to THEMSELVES and thus DENY that SOMEONE ELSE (i.e. Romans) CONQURED them because they were weak. That was the biggest driving force of the gospels.

And by the way, the entire theme of the New Testament is how it is okay to be weak, and how to LOVE your neighbor is more important than to be sophisticated (i.e. legalistic), which is also a perfect defense mechanism for someone weak. And a little bit of dramma (i.e. temple torn in two parts, etc) might also be a sort of defense mechanism, because it gets your attention away from the secular competition which you are so bad at.