Have you ever stopped playing video games altogether?

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Sea Gull
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10 Oct 2013, 3:09 pm

TB_Samurai wrote:
Adamantus wrote:
I stopped playing games around the year 2000 just because there's been such a decline in video games and I don't enjoy them anymore. All the games are really competitive, online, and first-person shooters. I hate those games so I gave up on games. Funnily enough and this week actually I started to get back into games again after many years of absence, but now I'm playing the old games again or trying old games I never got around to playing.

I think that all games have to be online now which diminishes the storyline. They do it because you can't really copy a game that requires online updates in order to play it.

Perhaps he just thinks they're terrible like me!

I think a lot of new games made these days are bad, too. So I mostly replay old games that I have, or buy used games for old game systems. I've been playing my Sega Saturn a lot lately. I've had that thing since I was in 4th grade.

Agreed, while some nice titles are still made today, (Mostly for PC), it's declining year by year and becoming less fun for me. Same with TV, actually. I love watching documentaries about the earth and medical things but of course the only thing is the jersey shore and some other dumb reality show.


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10 Oct 2013, 8:55 pm

You know, now that I think about it, he has said that the games aren't as good as they used to be. That's pretty interesting. He used to play Halo, and Portal, and Skyrim was his latest favorite. I'm just fascinated that - boom! It was over!

I am very pleased that he is enjoying the guitar. It will hopefully help him socialize more, especially in college.

Thanks for all of your input, everyone!