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10 Oct 2013, 2:49 pm

Hi All,

Does anyone else feel almost as if they don't come from this place. This planet Earth. This planet where I don't fit in to any category. Where I hate and cannot understand the injustice, the starvation, the poverty, the segregation, and the list goes on. I cannot understand why people do what they do. Why they hate, why they lie, why they place value on money over justice, why they compete so as to prove themselves better than another. Surely, there could be a utopia here, in this world, but they just CANNOT see.
In certain areas of the world people live in gluttony. Supermarkets stacked with goods like salivating monsters. WHY?
People wanting the latest fashion in order to be accepted by the "crowd"......... once again WHY?
I can't put it any better than a prose I wrote a few years ago. Here it is:

We began by emptying our mind of ALL preconcieved ideas & beliefs, thus creating an inner void. Without initiating this objective approach, through the erasure of ALL accumilated knowledge, subconscious boundaries would bind us to a subjective outcome, due to tunnel vision of thought.
Before continuing, we ask, that you cast out your current belief system, & then & only then may we together reach out into the unknown & clasp the hand of God. We may sow the seed of the Tree of Life, & claim the key to the Abyss.

As you listen, I ask that you carefully scrutinize each spoken word. Accept only what you personally feel is correct, & reject whatever remains. We must never allow anothers truth access to our subconscious mind before first analysing, disecting, and probing the principles it exists by. For we were each made singular with our own brain. Therefore to accept a foreign belief by faith alone rejects the creators workmanship, & also causes us to lose our own identity. We simply become as a clockwork toy among a generation of clones.

Society in whole unfortunately mimics the monkey who dances to the barrel-organ. Ignorant of the hypnotic dance they now perform to the music of those on whom they rely, and to whom they so readily give their very soul. For if we accept without question the words of men who through our ignorance have placed themselves above us by mezmerising many through illusion, surely we are no more intelligent than the dog, which snaps up scraps thrown to him at the dinner table.

Disect, probe, & analyse everthing that enters your environment, and only then will you be the master of destiny for your individual, internal universe. To live by this law ensures that is & when ALL are judged by the original architect, we can proclaim "I did it my way". For masters & servants will be judged alike.
Claim your destiny, keep holding on with ALL your strength & let no man decieve you into letting go. Those around you will mock your ways, but remember they are ignorant of the hypnotic music they dance to, & therefore are blind to the truth, even if it were to shout and scream into their deaf ears.

Be strong, this way is hard as it goes up-stream against the flow. Do not consider yourself better than your brothers, for to do so will destroy the hope which winds the clock of mercy. Instead of raising a swollen head because of your enlightenment, regard yourself as a changed being. Metamorphisized by discovering the imortal secrets within, which like an electrical socket lay dormant & life-less until a plug is connected. This energy now being free from restraint explodes forth like a fountain. The truth once set free from its tether charges like an angry bull, thus smashing the vessel of error, crafted by the potter, upon the wheel of this Earth.
Remember, your fellow students are entombed within their insanity from which they wish not to escape. For them bondage offers security & a feeling of acceptance from those around them.
In our "Soap Opera Society" of performing seals, the actors have become hypnotised by the pendulum of time, and the great play has become real. Guard yourself against participating in their illusion. Become as a tourist in a foreign land. Observe the natives passively, so you keep your own birthright intact.
Though we walk amongst these shells of men, we are not of them. Have pity in their naivity, for they have become blind. To them sight does not exist, so your ways appear to them. They are still acting in the dream & will not realize their error until they awaken.

Hold firm. Stand your ground. You are judge & jury. Creator & destroyer. Master of your destiny.
Disect, probe, & analyse everything you hear, and judge it's foundations by your rules. If the two remain united...... absorb, if not cast it out like a burning coal in your hand & go forwards.

Be sure not to judge all the remaining fruit of the tree by one sour apple. For even within the gates of evil good can be found, as a beautiful flower can bloom in the midst of a battle-field.

Open your mind to its full extent, therefore disregarding nothing before inspection. Float through this false image called life like a ghost. The world is like a book, slide between the pages. Observe your fellow man as from a cloud, so as they become like ants in significance. This perspective can transform the evilest of men into a speck of dust. Rise above it ALL. Reject EVERYTHING it stands for. It is a mere illusion. Have no part in it, as they shall smear your garments with the deception that takes their minds as it were a host. Their ways will destroy them, and their idols shall witness against them. Like drowining cattle they shall condemn the innocent to join them in their frenzy.
Leave them to stagnate in thier arrogance, for we have risen above it, and find their fears amusing. They hide, terrified of an illusion, thus giving life to the fear that drives them.

So what are we meant to do?. Just watch it all unfold. Watch pacively as one person destroys another.

We are here today. We are in this world RIGHT NOW! We may feel like we don't belong here, but we ARE HERE. Tommorow we may be taken out of this place, but until then we TRY our best to do the best we can, and try to be an example to others.

I would be so overjoyed if I was taken out of here right now.
I feel like an alien marooned in this world.

Anyone else feel the same way?