Posting controversial statuses on facebook...

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17 Oct 2013, 2:44 pm

Supporting Israel is a particularly controversial and unpopular political viewpoint to have at my university and in the city where I live and I've gotten chewed out over expressing it more than any other opinion I've expressed. Among certain groups and in particular neighborhoods this may be the case (sadly, IMO).

In general people are touchy about religion and politics and you might want to be careful about how and where you express opinions regarding these things. Touchy is an understatement in some cases. You should be aware that you may provoke hatred and other very strong emotions from people with opposing views.

You don't know who you might work with in the future or apply for a job from who might track your digital footprint. Honestly, it's possible that what you post on facebook COULD affect your future professional life. It SHOULDN'T but it could. Not everyone has the integrity you'd expect them to have.It's safer to discuss these things privately only with people you trust and are very comfortable around.- That;s your parents' point-my mum tells me the same thing-I didn't agree with it at first but I do now from a pragmatic standpoint.

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17 Oct 2013, 2:56 pm

The miracle of Facebook is that you can be master of your wall/timeline. Facebook is not a forum, You have full editorial control.

You just stop people you don't like from commenting by taking away their priviledge to comment on what you post or delete comments you don't like. You can also just unfriend people that cause you grief.

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