Too stressed living with people, too lonely living alone

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20 Mar 2016, 8:43 am

Joe90 wrote:
I don't know what to do. I'm starting to get horribly stressed living with people. I have a very demanding family what keep coming round at the most awkward times, like when we're cooking the dinner, and it gets very hectic. It sometimes causes me to become overwhelmed and I can't enjoy any privacy. I've been wearing earplugs nonstop lately, and they are good but my ears are getting painfully sore, and I get bored keep listening to music all the time with headphones. And I work at week-ends, which I hate anyway, and when I come home my brother and his cousins and friends are all there, and I obviously can't tell them to go away because that won't be fair. So I've just got to put up with it.

I am looking into moving out, but moving out is a big change and I've got to make sure I know what I want. But then that will mean I will be lonely, as I've had so many years of being able to talk to people in my house about my feelings and things, which always helps. I don't have many friends, and the friends I do have live a bus ride away. I could try to look for a place nearer my friends, as I know my friends aren't likely to come and sit round mine at awkward times. Anyway I only see one friend at a time because they don't all know each other.

If I do socialise, I prefer to socialise in the day, and be able to have time to myself at night without hearing any noise from other people. So for a person with high anxiety levels and prone to feeling agitated with noise and activity of people, I believe living on my own will be the best bet, despite how lonely I might feel. At least it will be my home so things will be more in my control, which is what I want - and need. I can't have no control over what happens when I'm living under the same roof as three other people and a noisy cat. For those of you that live on your own, is this why you wanted to move out?

I live alone and it has it's ups and downs but it's better for me because I like my own space. It sounds like living alone might be better for you. As for being lonely, that is when you join meet up groups revolving around special interests where you attend events that you can handle.

As for roommates, it sounds like a quiet roommate who understands your situation in a one on one could work too.