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23 Oct 2013, 5:33 am

Since being very disappointed with social networks (tried a few and got bored of them after a few weeks already) and seeing the tweeting behavior of friends, I told myself to stay away from Twitter. However, there is one somewhat irritating side effect: on Twitter, politicians, musicians, artists, sportsmen, ... all post themselves as opposed to having a webmaster taking care of all. So Twitter has in some cases become the only medium to get in touch with an artist for example whom you wish to thank for inspiring you or whom you wish to ask a question to. Most artists' sites hardly have contact addresses other than some management office.

There are only a few (less than 10) people on Twitter I find interesting enough to want to send them a small message or ask a question. Is there anyone here who does use Twitter and who could ask these people (via pm or so, if Twitter allows that) if they have an email address which they're willing to share to be in touch with fans (won't be their private email address in most cases, but maybe a sort of "work address" where all messages end up directly with the artist's crew instead of passing through reception desks and other departments)

If so, I can PM the Twitter accounts of those few people I'd like to contact.

And yes, I could create a Twitter account and never use it again after those few tweets... But I am very sceptic towards social networking. Even though Twitter seems to be a whole different concept than the average social networking site.
(I do not consider forums to be social networking)

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