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24 Oct 2013, 12:44 pm

Ian Ford is coming to the retreat! He will be discussing his incredible book "A Field Guide To Earthlings." I will be purchasing a small quantity of books which Ian is willing to sign!

Kathy Lissner Grant, one of the three founders of ANI, will be speaking on sexual abuse of autistics.

A girl scout troop is going to be decorating our 'goody bags."

I will be stumbling and faltering and stuttering through a presentation of our co-housing plan.

My daughter will PROBABLY be leading relaxing yoga moves.

The food will be varied, high quality and mostly healthy [i'm planning on a few purely decadent foods as well]

Glow stick Party? We'll see. I know it's a traditional autist gathering activity.

A chance to share or exhibit your perserveration

Dancing, singing and aany other type of presentaion attendees wish

We have finagled tickets to the Denver Aquarium.

We still only have $500 in donation pledges [bringing each persons total cost to $100] but I I decided until I get the results of my tests in a week and a half [tests start next Wednesday. results will take a while] because if the results are not what I hope I will not be doing the retreat.

Also, and I know this is silly, but I don't care. So many people love plushies. I can make a few towel animals [learned on a cruise] and I thought that I could put a favorite animal on each persons bed. I know, cheesy.

Plus, ping pong, pool table, fireplace, sauna, hot tub, and an enormous flat screen tv.

After I find out the results of my tests I will [hopefully] be able to make more plans, and, secure an exact date.

I'm hoping someone can lead us in autism and self- employment.

What do you all think?