What is the Asperger's Unemployment Rate?

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03 Feb 2014, 5:13 pm


it's nice to know some people "get it" my whinny baby boomer farther who is Swiss French complains about "high taxing France" he told me he paid 8 euros for his passport photo I paid almost double for it here in "low" taking Australia (A$20) , rampant inflation you see in 2000 I paid $9 8O

Theirs a subset of America, adult males who are forgoing ambition ,sex , money ,love ,adventure to sit in a darkened rooms mastering video games - Suicide Bob


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08 Feb 2014, 11:32 pm

lucious wrote:
My first job was in 2006, and I lasted two weeks. I haven't lasted longer than maybe 4-5 weeks at ANY job, anywhere. Thats my record. I have a university degree, and sometimes feel it was a waste of time since it isnt helping with my job related issues. It is quite literally beyond belief for me how anyone on Earth is able to work full-time, day after day, year after year, without drama. Or without anything more serious than the occasional complaint. For me it is hell on earth and there are a thousand problems which instantly manifest the very first day, any one of which could spell my doom.

I can relate lucious. I've only had one job that lasted for a reasonable period of time, at the rest I got let go of pretty quickly even though I was one of the best workers. It's really soul destroying knowing you are intelligent, a hard & conscientious worker, but just can't make things work. Most of my problems have been with other staff members