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14 Nov 2013, 12:37 pm

I work in Sterile Processing where instruments used in surgery are cleaned and processed. Sort of like washing and sorting dishes. Easy job, unless there is NVLD involved. Every other day, 'stupid' mistakes like not putting indicators (they show the instruments were exposed to steam or peroxide) in the sets. I also lose instruments because of the visual-spatial problem. Outwardly, it appears as if I'm not paying attention but I know it's NVLD. I'm going to have another one on one with the manager, and I wonder if I should go ahead and reveal my issue?

Oddly enough, in september I had no issues as I was able to listen to podcasts on my ipod. The corporate people felt that ipods were too distracting, so they banned them in the work place. Maybe for a NT it distracts, but for my brain it seemed to help me focus better. Maybe I'll try to get listening to podcasts as an accomadation? Or could be I find myself unemployed- again - thanks to this f****d up disorder.

We'll see.


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14 Nov 2013, 3:27 pm

Hi drut

Without using this input as an absolute to your decision, I would suggest raising your issues with your HR department or line manager.

Asking for support in relation to your disorder is a reasonable request. The ipod issue maybe a health and safety concern rather than a distraction. You will get your answer from your manager during your meeting i expect.

The only problem in this scenario is that if it is for health and safety reasons, capability in your role is what you are assessed on. If you are unable to perform the role to the level required it is substantial grounds for concern.

Hopefully it was just for distraction purposes and your request can be granted. If you enjoy your job then it would be worthwhile to disclose, if not, i would look for something else that fits your particular needs.

Hope this helps you.