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30 Nov 2013, 3:53 am

`1. Did you know the symptoms of aspergers/ ASD before or after your diagnoses?

2. as a child, did you like to hide in small areas

3: CHALLENGE: list all obsessions and ages


1, i did not know aspergers was an actual diagnoses, i thought i was just crazy.

2. i was constantly hiding under tables and in small areas

3. heres wha

AGE 2: creating Piles of things, a stuffed snail, and Movie called Thumbellina

AGE 3: Creating piles of things

AGE 4; My house

AGE 5: The Ring

AGE 6: Jeepers creepers and ghosts

AGE 7: Ghosts

AGE 8: Ghosts And Salamanders

Age 9: Frogs

AGE 10: a rubber mummy i got at a halloween store

AGE 11: a rubber mummy i got at a halloween store

AGE 12: a rubber mummy i got at a halloween store and Coraline

AGE 13: Sonic the hedgehog

AGE 14: Sonic the hedgehog

AGE 15: Sonic the hedgehog

AGE 16: Sonic the Hedgehog

Obsessing over Sonic the Hedgehog since 2009
Diagnosed with Aspergers' syndrome in 2012.
Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1 severity without intellectual disability and without language impairment in 2015.


Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 170 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 43 of 200
You are very likely neurodiverse (Aspie)


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30 Nov 2013, 4:17 am

1. Sorta. When I was 16 I befriended an elderly man with Asperger's syndrome. I still didn't understand a lot of what it was but he was definitely odd by my standards. I didn't know what was "off" about me until I researched Asperger's on the internet. Then it clicked.

2. Yes. I used to love hiding under beds and in cardboard boxes I would declare forts. I'd climb into hampers, trunks, and small cabinets just for kicks.

1-8 - I honestly have no memory of my childhood between the ages of one and eight. My family members tell me I liked to climb all over the place, on ceiling, the bookcases, trees, whatever. I was obsessed with my pacifier (even far past the age appropriate) and pull-ups (also far past the age).

9 - Digging in the dirt. I loved dirt. I'd grab any stick and dig in the dirt. I dunno why, but yup. Sometimes I'd bury my little toys in the dirt, not for the act of burying them but because I wanted the toys to have dirt smudges on them.

9 through 11 - Wearing a captain's sailor hat 24/7. No one could get me to take it off. I'd swim in the bloody thing. I had to get rid of it eventually though because my head outgrew it. It was a sad day.

10 - 13 - All things paranormal but particularly ghosts. I had the big huge book "Ghosts by Hans Holzer" back then. Freaked me out but I couldn't read enough.

[From ages 9 to 14 I spent almost all of my time dedicated to writing novels. I've probably written at least fifteen novels. Some short stories and a lot of proses and poetry. Then like a light switch at 15 I just stopped. And I haven't been able to write since.]

14-16 - I don't really think I had any age specific obsessions at this time, other than the obsessions I've had my whole life (I'll cover that last).

16-18 - Girls, girls, and uhm, girls? Which led to me obsessively reading any self help, body language, approach anxiety, how to talk to girls for dummies, books I could get my hands on. Followed by me systematically practicing with women at coffee shops and bookstores.

17-19 - Weight lifting. I spent all my time either at the gym (2-3 hours a day) or online on a website for lifting. Constantly improving my diet, perfecting my form.. Et cetera. As a result I got very muscular and fit. It was great for freshman year of college.

19-21 - Smoking weed, smoking weed. Drop dead gorgeous girl wants to hang out with me? PSHH forget THAT, I'ma smoke my weed!! ! Weed, alcohol, and video games. That is all I cared about and it in turn, destroyed the relationships I had with my friends and my family. Ruined my college GPA, ruined my bank account.. It was a mess.

21 - Getting and maintaining sobriety. It was a 6 month obsession. After the 6 months it dwindled. I still maintain complete sobriety but I'm not obsessive and stressed out about it anymore.

22 - The Sober living house that I run. I live in a house with 4 other men in recovery (meaning addicts who got sober for those who don't know the terms), and I run the house as in, collect rent, get people in, kick people out, make sure everyone's sober, make sure chores are done, curfews are maintained, etc. It's my job (I do get paid) and my obsession.

My other obsession is fantasizing about leaving this house, moving state's away (which I will be this upcoming Spring) to go to college again. I'm obsessing over my future apartment, future campus, future classmates, future friends, future whatever. Just the future. Obsessive and hopeful.

LIFETIME obsessions: Cups. I'm obsessed with cups. Not all cups, but unique cups. Big cups, cute cups, bizarre cups. Certain cups. I just love. I have to have. I like drinking out of them and just holding them.. And yeah.

Also banging - I've done this since I was placed in a car-seat so I've been told by my folks. I rock back and forth in the seat, slamming the back of my head on the seat and start making music. I'll sing, I'll hum, I'll start beat boxing.. As I got older (around 12) I'd keep the songs in my head since I didn't want my family knowing what I was making up songs about lol.
Then as I got older I just listen to music on my mp3, but I still bang. I've had people drive by and laugh at me, stare at me, make fun of me, but I just pretend I can't see them, because nothing makes me happier in the world.

My parents said whenever I was upset and I was in the car, I'd just start banging really hard, and keep on banging till I stopped crying or started singing again.

I still bang even when I drive. It makes me happy. Haters gonna hate. :D


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30 Nov 2013, 10:15 am

1. I knew the symptoms and Autism was even a special interest of mine about 10 years before diagnosis. I thought I was interested in it because I could easily understand people on the spectrum. Several of the diagnostic criteria did not fit my understanding of myself, so I did not think I qualified as being on the spectrum. I was diagnosed at age 30.

2. Yes, I loved small spaces and moved my bed into my closet for many years.

3. Special interests:

Under 2 - stairs

2-14 - duplos, cows

9-11 - getting bullies to stop

11-17 - math, architecture

17 - highly depressed, no sustainable interests

18 - autism

19-21- highly depressed, no sustainable interests

22-26 - conflict resolution, peace

25-current - holistic education that properly handles atypical children, quantum physics

Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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30 Nov 2013, 11:29 am

1. I did research on the symptoms maybe a year before I was diagnosed. I have wondered ever since I was little if I was autistic, but I hadn't done any research about it until then. I didn't even know what aspergers was until I read an article about it in school one day.

2. Not that I can remember. I definately don't now, I'm a little claustrophobic.

3. I can't remember specific ages, but I'll try and remember them in somewhat the correct order. Some of these come and go even today, but I'll list them as when I first got into them. The first three are what I was interested in for most of my childhood, up until becoming a preteen.

-"Little kids" shows--Barney, Little Bear, Blues Clues, etc.
-Total Drama series
-A Girlsense forum I still go on to this day
-Phineas and Ferb
-Psychology + different mental disorders and neurological differences


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30 Nov 2013, 12:58 pm

ZombieBrideXD wrote:
`1. Did you know the symptoms of aspergers/ ASD before or after your diagnoses?

2. as a child, did you like to hide in small areas

3: CHALLENGE: list all obsessions and ages

1- I know autism existed before being diagnosed with AS because I have a close relative with LFA, but I didn't know that milder autism forms such as HFA or Asperger's existed. I only came to know about Asperger's when my mother looked it up on the web and thought I could have it.
2- I did.
2 yo: flies
3-4 yo: dogs, cats, leaves, geology
5-7 yo: horses, unicorns, dolphins, sharks, wolves, geology
8-9 yo: wolves, foxes, eagles, penguins, geology, mythologies
10 yo: penguins, wolves, geology, mythologies
11 yo: video games, wolves, Japanese culture, mythologies
12 yo: chakras, fantasy books, sci-fi movies, ATLA, Japanese culture, mythologies
13 yo: geology, horses, fantasy books, ATLA, drawing, Japanese culture, mythologies
14 yo: geology, horses, sci-fi movies and books, astronomy, Japanese culture, mythologies, ancient languages
15 yo: drawing, Japanese culture, mythologies, ancient languages
16 yo: Japanese culture, reincarnation, LOK, mythologies


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30 Nov 2013, 9:57 pm

ZombieBrideXD wrote:
`1. Did you know the symptoms of aspergers/ ASD before or after your diagnoses?

2. as a child, did you like to hide in small areas

3: CHALLENGE: list all obsessions and ages

1. I was put into a special education group in elementary school and it was highly suspected that I had autism. I knew I was different, but wasn't sure what it was. I had a few autistic friends then, and I have some now.

2. I love small areas. I just like the pressure. I like cuddling with blankets too.

6. Moose
7. China
8. Forensics
9. Computers
10. anthropology
11. autism
12. theology
13. my girlfriend
14. political science
15. PC gaming
16. Turtles

I still love turtles very much.

Shedding your shell can be hard.
Diagnosed Level 1 autism, Tourettes + ADHD + OCD age 9, recovering Borderline personality disorder (age 16)