Tragedy of the commons: Socialsm vs Capitalism

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Do you prefer socialism or capitalism
Capitalism 40%  40%  [ 6 ]
Socialsm 60%  60%  [ 9 ]
Total votes : 15


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24 Dec 2013, 9:16 am

Aspie_Chav wrote:
TheWizardofCalculus wrote:
I'll never understand libertarians and conservatives. I understand that they present what sounds like a simple, systematic framework from which to derive moral and political decisions; however, the chief question for an axiomatic system is whether or not it's true and whether or not it actually applies to this universe. Systematic frameworks are no doubt appealing to the aspergian/autistic mind, but I really wish people would actually bother to understand that "systematic" is not a criterion for "truth". Most things we, as a species, know very little about; about politics and political systems we really know even less. Assuming that we have discovered the ultimate political system 200 years ago is, frankly, a bit silly. Capitalism is hardly an efficacious, fair, or rational system for distribution of goods and services; nor are the caricatures of socialism as obtuse as libertarians (mis)understand them to be.

I do my best to understand economics. I have read tones of books and recently start watching videos on YouTube. I am willing read socialist books that try to debunk capitalism but only found a few. Their case is very week. Once I thought I could be a fake socialist youtuber who actively debunks topics such from libertarians such as Stefan Molyneux , Alex Jones, John Stossel and Milton Friedman. I would find it difficult to put up a case against them, even a weak one.

I wouldn't mind watching a few socialist videos but they will have to be aware of Austrian school, and various libertarian topics.

I would recommend reading Naomi Klein's no logo, or any books on economic theory by George Monbiot, Naom Chomsky or Mark Steel.

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29 Dec 2013, 6:29 am

mr_bigmouth_502 wrote:
Why isn't there an option for "neither" or "both"? There should be, I think.

Pure socialism doesn't work, and pure capitalism doesn't work either. For a stable, functioning society that can accommodate everyone's needs, you need to have both elements of socialism AND capitalism, in my opinion. Canada is a great example; we allow for individual rights and free enterprise, and in some ways we actually offer people more rights than our neighbors down south, the so-called "land of the free", but at the same time, we also have strong social programs, including a highly-regarded public healthcare system. Is our system perfect? No, but no one's system is. Ours does happen to be pretty darn good though. :D

Argh yes, there's so much economic absoloutism around. From the way many people conceive of what the terms capitalism and socialism mean, being asked which one you want is often like being asked whether you want to freeze to death or burn to death.