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23 Dec 2013, 2:45 am

So, this is a project I worked for months on, composing and arranging, and mixed down with the help of a friend who is a professional sound engineer. I am really excited about the finished product. But now that it is available for download, I'm coming up against a set of skills I'm really lacking- promoting it. I understand how to break down the steps in making a recording- everything from making instruments out of shower curtain rods to writing opcodes for sfz files. And I know how to make interesting live shows. What I don't know how to do is market and self-promote. To get people to listen to it to begin with. So right now, I'm lamenting how much those elusive "social-skills," and a person's image have to do with how successful an audio project will be.

So, having not been on WP for a while, it occurred to me that some of you would appreciate it as Whovians, or as people who will just appreciate the music for its own sake.

Here's the link on Rx?: Music Inspired by the 11th Doctor & Companions

It's also available on itunes, where there's longer samples to hear, and on