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27 Jan 2014, 4:54 pm

While looking for information on federal disability hiring, I stumbled across a link to the firm Bender Consulting (http://www.benderconsult.com/) which serves federal government agencies and private employers seeking to step up their disability hiring. You can apply to them for free. I e-mailed them my resume and a description of my disabilities at the end of last week and they responded by sending an application and self-disclusure form to fill out. They seem to be especially interested in folks with engineering, IT, and business degrees, but the type of jobs listed include administrative assistant, clerical, and intelligence positions for which other a business degree is not necessary. For the federal government positions, you increase your chances if you can provide Schedule A documentation. This is something one is supposed to be able to obtain through certification by one's physician, or state vocational rehabiltiation agency, or if one already is receiving government disability benefits. I don't have Schedule A certification, but I am looking into it.

For more information on federal government hiring of persons with disabilities, go to this link: http://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversigh ... mployment/. President Obama signed Executive Orders in 2010 manadating that the federal government recruti and hire 100,000 persons with disabilities over the next 5 years. Most federal agencies have a selective placement coordinator in charge of recruiting and retaining employees with disabilities. Preference goes to persons with targeted disabilities. The targeted category takes in persons with psychiatric and intellectual disabilities, so folks on the autism spectrum ought to qualify.


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27 Jan 2014, 10:01 pm

Nice for those lucky enough to have documentation of their disability.

No real help for everyone else. :(


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28 Jan 2014, 6:13 am

Wish Australia was more like this.

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