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09 Feb 2014, 7:42 am

Like gretchyn said, every brain is different; they all respond to medications differently. I was on escitalopram for social anxiety and depression for almost a year. I started on 10 mg daily for 1–2 weeks and then went up to 20 mg a day. I usually took it in the morning after I'd had something to drink. I had no side effects other that a bit of nausea for the first day. However, it did pretty much nothing for my social anxiety and depression, either.

Eventually I ended up taking myself off the medication, which is actually a really stupid thing to do. You should definitely consult your psychiatrist or doctor before making that kind of decision. Some people can have severe withdrawal symptoms by taking themselves off medication suddenly. Luckily I didn't suffer any setbacks, but it's still not a good idea.

Sometimes you have to keep trying different medications, with the help of your psychiatrist or doctor, before you can find one that works for you. But in my case, psychotherapy is what helped me out more – especially with a psychologist who specialised in ASD + social anxiety + depression. Everyone's different, though.

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