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17 Feb 2014, 9:53 am

I was just wondering how many of you in here live independently seem to get all kinds of interesting responses from other types of people.

For me, I get all kinds of interesting responses from other people all the time and mainly if they see me doing something that is off. That is when I have to tell them that I have ASD. It is then that they started asking me annoying questions like:

1. Where are your parents?
2. Do you live with someone?
3. Do you have a social worker?
4. You don't stay by yourself do you?
5. What social services are your receiving?
6. Are any family members helping you?

Then I have been questioned by people who drive specialized transportation because I appear to be so mild. One of them had the nerve to ask me " What's qualifies you to ride paratransit?"

I also did an interview back on Oct. for a job with a lady that was extremely ignorant. I told her during the interview that I have AS. That is when she started to ask me most of the questions above?

Finally, I was applying for a scholarship for college with a lady who runs a special group for people on the spectrum. I tried explaining that I got laid off. She automatically went into "Now did you work in a sheltered workshop?"

How many of you experience this?


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17 Feb 2014, 2:58 pm

I'm very visibly autistic and I remember applying for a job once at the university where I was taking some courses (of course paying for it by myself out of savings.). People know me as one of the 'slow' people there. I remember waiting outside and the people running the thing were like, "what's SHE doing here?" So they got my resume and then saw me come in. They looked at my resume, looked at me, then looked at the resume again.

We went through the usual interview questions and they were irritated, they wanted me out of here. When they were discussing who to hire, I heard them saying "why did she show up?" "no, I see the resume. she actually does have experience and knowledge." "i can't believe that's HER resume". I forgot about the negative experience, went pounding the pavement to corporate America and got work in the financial area of my city.

I've also had people scream at me "Money flows from your parents to you! That's the way things are! Stop lying!" Mind you, this was after the age of 20, when most people are living on their own. People would flat out deny what income I am receiving from my job, or that I am in a relationship. The "you don't stay by yourself, do you" thing really hit home, as someone who has been living away from family since age 17 and paying the rent.

It's really disheartening - sometimes I even hear this from other autistics who are milder. "Let me have the number of your doctor." "Who is your medical team?" No experience with para-transit tho.

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