Women define Men & Men define Woman

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26 Feb 2014, 2:17 am

Deuterium wrote:
AspergianMutantt wrote:
Dood, I am starting to think you have some serious anger issues your self.
You sure assume allot.
AspergianMutantt wrote:
I will poke holes in your condom just to have my self that family and that child.
I have proven I can be a good father ... I am just hard to live with.
you may say its your body, but man can not have that family or children without woman, this give us the right.

I do not need anger to be judgmental - just someone to make very outlandish statements that deserve judging. You've left very little to assume in that regard.

AspergianMutantt wrote:
Secondly I am seeing national trends, there are a LOT of unhappy men out there because of those double standards, so its not just me.

Yes, I would imagine a certain type of men would love if more women had standards as low as they themselves do (read: no standards).

Ya know, your an a-s-s-h-o-l-e.

I have a son now I will never regret, all I ever wanted all my life is a family of my own, yet here is women whom has just as many issues if not more then I getting what they want just because they are female and are able to, while I couldnt unless I press the issues. I have had two children, the first was alienated from me when I done nothing to deserve that, and the second the woman tried to take him but failed, those women are and had been judging me for simply not being what they wanted, figuring if I was not deserving of them then neither was I deserving of my children, when in truth I AM a better parent then they shall ever be or ever was. just because I cant be what women want me to be does not mean I don't deserve that happiness and children as well. I was getting old, to old to raise a family of my own anymore, I had to take measures or I would not have ever had my self that family of my own. I am NOT a bad person, yet every time I turn around I am being judged just for being male. I have never been abusive, yet I been abused ALOT, even by women. in many ways women try to keep their men by getting pregnant, I was or had basically done the same thing, so what gives them the right where we cant? I figured if it didnt work I would still at least have that child.

I repeat, I DO NOT REGRET MY SON, and if I had to do it again I would have in order to have him. I wanted with all my heart both a wife and children, but my relationships never seem to last. I AM vary picky about whom I get with, just I don't judge those I am with for having the same failings I do, while the women I been with DO. its this attitude that made me decide to push the issue, if their not going to be fair to me then why should I be fair to them. I have human needs too.

You assume I have no standards, when I do, lots of them, one of them is I expect equality,. women are always begging for equality, when their not willing to GIVE IT.

I been a LOT happier with my life since I had my son and gotten past the custodial disputes, to me this makes it worth it.