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24 Feb 2014, 12:53 pm

Do you get teenage girls staring at you? How does it make you feel?

I often get persistent stares from teenage girls, even though I'm not doing anything weird. I know that I can sound a bit nervous when I speak, like having a wobble in my voice or if I'm really nervous (which I am around teenage girls because I know they stare) I say a sentence and get a word or two mixed around because I tend to say everything in one blurt. Either that or I'll stutter, and stuttering is something I have never done and so don't want to start up.

A few days ago one of my colleagues at work had her daughter and her daughter's friend come and visit, and they were about 13-14. The colleague introduced me to them, which was nice, and I smiled and said hello and so did they, so that didn't go so bad. But then I saw the colleague again a bit later and she had to ask me something (related to the work), and she still had the two girls with her (although I don't think it's right to allow kids to follow you around at work for too long like that). I gave an appropriate reply, but instead of saying ''I didn't get to do that yet because I was asked to do something upstairs'', I got a few words muddled around and said ''I didn't to get that do that yet because I was asked do to upstairs do something'', or something like that I said. The colleague didn't really notice as she's used to me and all my work colleagues don't take a lot of notice of very small odd or nervous mannerisms, but I know that teenage girls notice EVERYTHING. And after that every time I was near them I could see them staring at me, and it was rather off-putting. I then felt self-conscious and embarrassed too.

Has anyone else had these sorts of situations with teenage girls?

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