Transition from high school to college/"real life"

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04 Mar 2014, 4:56 pm

I'm wondering if anyone has experiences with specific programs that they'd be willing to share. My young adult desperately wants independence and further education (still trying to decide specifics, but has some direction), and everyone seems to agree that she needs to move out of the house and have some separation to keep growing. She's a smart cookie, but has social issues and anxieties. She wants to make more connections with other people her own age but is at a loss about doing so.

We've looked at CIP (College Internship Program), New Directions, FLI at Franklin Academy, and CLE (College Learning Experience). Landmark doesn't seem to be a good fit.

I have some ideas about which are the front runners, but I'd like to hear others' unbiased opinions first. Parents, students, people from those programs (but please identify yourself as such; shilling isn't helpful or attractive).

I'm deeply appreciative of everyone's candor and willingness to share their experiences. I've been lurking a bit and have finally come out of the darkness.