MISFIT TOYS - What is your opinion of movie title?

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08 Apr 2014, 11:39 am

I don't think Wrong Planet is offensive because it does not describe the person directly. Wrong planet is from a feeling we as Spectrumites have sometimes because we feel like we don't fit anywhere in the society that embodies most cultures. So yes, in a sense we are like the Misfit Toys in that way. The difference is one is describing a feeling the person has, the other is describing the person directly. The implication behind Misfit Toys is that you are broken and that is why you don't belong. All the Misfit Toys in the movie were broken and that is why they could not make it into Santa's bag. Each toy had something wrong with it that made it sub par. We still loved the Misfit Toys but they were not good enough to make it out of the shop because they were broken. Autistic people are not broken. We are not sub par. Sometimes we can feel that way because of how we are treated by society or even because of the challenges we have with certain things. I feel that way especially when it comes to some Executive Function type things. They Misfit toys were broken by definition. That is why they were called Misfit Toys. If they had just had just been like Dennis the elf Dentist that would had been very different. He was a misfit because he had a different perspective on life and on things but he was not broken. Or even better, Rudolph. He was a misfit because his nose was red and shiny, not because he did not have a nose or because his nose was broken. In fact both Dennis and Rudolph were able to rise up and do phenomenal things because of their specialness and they became heroes in the movie.

This is more how I like to see us. We have different perspectives because of our neurology but we are just as intact as NT's. IF the Misfits had all been like Dennis and Rudolph and had not had a bunch of broken parts, than I would think that that would be a very cute and fitting title. But just the implication that we are are intact as people is why I think it's a bit mean. But Wrong planet works because it relates to a feeling that we get not to who we directly are.

I also wonder if the title of Misfit Toys for Autistic kids will encourage bullying by other kids who hear of or see the movie.

Does this make sense? It's just how I feel.

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