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21 Apr 2014, 8:44 pm

khaoz wrote:
KTLLo wrote:
I also use firefox most of the time. Only use IE to download firefox, or viewing website that are IE only.

I didn't know IE exclusive website existed but more and more lately I am experiencing sites that will not accept IE, but I know less about this technical stuff than an alleycat knows about working on a NASCAR pit crew.

Eh, I thought websites quit doing that sometime around the mid 2000s. Unless you happen to be stuck in South Korea, in which case any website that requires a government ID number (which afaik is any SK-based website that requires a login) requires you to use some ancient ActiveX encryption plugin which has not been ported to other browsers

Snowy Owl
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21 Apr 2014, 10:42 pm

I use Waterfox the most, occasionally Opera if I need a secondary browser, ever since Firefox started giving me alerts. IE did the same thing. iHeartRadio stopped working on Chrome, and Safari eats all my computer's RAM. Safari is okay for my iPod, though.