Is this an Anxiety or an Obsession?

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Blue Jay
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20 May 2014, 12:06 pm

Height is all I can think about, and it was weight that I could only notice/think about with it empowering me originally up until the height obsession with this obsession making my weight obsession the exact opposite of what it originally was. I originally didn't care at all about my height up until I heard people making fun of shorter guys with them always being perceived negatively which made me worry as I randomly noticed some taller individuals (I ignored the vast majority who were shorter than me at about 6'1.5"-6'2" as I tower over almost everybody that I walk by) which made me wish I was taller. Now that I know that I'm real tall after proving myself that my perspective is impaired and makes everybody look three inches taller than they actually are but am unable to get rid of the Anxiety from it and look up heights/obsess over other heights daily. I feel the urge to get rid of this as these thought patterns are unwanted, but am unable with it becoming worse the more I try. Is this an Anxiety?