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22 Feb 2007, 7:38 pm

Nice poem, read it please? Mesa plan to send this to the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. is very gooood.

Here you have found it, my little hiding place, the eye of the storm. This is where I let out my feelings, it is where I mourn. My world is unbalanced, and it always has been, this is my safe haven, away from all sin. Earth's people are treacherous, malevolent, and cold. They are also kind hearted, caring, and bold. But when the neutral balance between good and bad get out of hand, good's needs of attention, increase in demand. So I've learned to cling on to that good, that sliver of hope, For rebuilding my broken soul from the ashes, so I can stop having to dry my eyelashes. And if I focus on this happiness instead of this strife, I may be able to live a much happier life, start all over, scrub my worries clean, so that I-like my peers, may be a part of society, be successful and properly seen. :cry:

I was right, accepting things for how they are rather than what I'd like them to be is a big improvement, don't you agree? And also, I have a couplet about family favoritism, I think it's short, sweet, and very powerful. I still have problems in social life, though. :D

The chimpanzee was swinging in the tree
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22 Feb 2007, 11:34 pm

I think it's a great thing to be able to accept things as they are. I find it difficult from time to time. I have problems in my social life too, because of lack of communication skills.
My main concern do I become resourceful/resilient enough to cope with the stress that results from them?
I'm trying meditation CDs and affirmations. I think they're helpful...but I feel that I need somthing change in personality...