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26 May 2014, 1:05 pm

Jacoby wrote:
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As the zef develops and becomes more worthy of life, so does how horrible and invasive the procedure to kill it becomes.

Personally, I think any woman willing to go through a risky, and really unpleasant, procedure to kill a six-month foetus obviously has a damned good reason, and should be allowed to do it.

Sorry whilst I support abortion I think six months is going way to far, several preterm babies have survived with medical assistance from as early as 22 weeks. I would put the cut off point at 12 weeks unless the mothers life was in genuine danger.
24 weeks is the limit in the UK. I'd quite happily go up to 12 months tbh. Being viable or even out of the womb is a meaningless difference. And in any case, survival at 22 weeks is very low.


Why stop there, why not age 5 or 10 or 20? Why not any dependent person? The homeless and disable, anybody that's a burden on another? It follows the same logic. Think about what you said right there, it really is an unbelievable statement especially on this site.

It doesn't follow the same logic at all. It does, however, follow good logic. Unlike these ridiculous claims that human life is sacred beyond other species.

A 3 month old baby (i.e. a 12 month foetus) is not a person, so does not have rights in itself. It should be given a similar status to a pig.

A 5 year old, or even an 18 month old child, is certainly a person and should be given rights, particularly the right to life. The homeless are persons, and have the right to life. The disabled are persons (n.b. except those with "disabilities" which are actually total deformities which would have seen them die very quickly 100 years ago, such as total absence of large parts of the brain).

Personally, I'm a vegetarian. I open windows for insects rather than swatting them. I place a high value on life, regardless of species (though admittedly with a bias towards more intelligent lifeforms such as humans and dolphins). But I don't campaign for eating meat to be banned, or fly spray to be banned, or anyone who hits a squirrel in their car to be tried for causing death by dangerous driving. Likewise, I personally, if I had the means to get pregnant, don't think I'd abort a foetus if it wasn't threatening my health. I don't, however, think it is right to stop other people from aborting - and I'd much rather have the limit set shortly after birth than ridiculously early, or abortion banned altogether.

I find these views disgusting and Nazi-esqe. The comparison is legitimate. I hope we never live in a world where you might be declared a non-person but that world has existed it can again. You don't value human life? Neither did that kid in Santa Barbara.

I agree with you, it's cruel and disgusting :evil:
Could you explain to me what's going on with this kid from Santa Barbara? I'm not an American, what happened there?