moving for the first time since before I started school

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25 May 2014, 5:32 pm

The last time I moved was before I started school and when my only friend had already moved away. I've never been the new kid placed with a bunch of strangers, except for when I arrived to Kindergarten a week late. I've been so upset about the huge change having to move altogether that I haven't even thought about making friends at my new high school far away until now.

Not only am I starting high school; I'm starting a high school without knowing anybody there. Just about all of my current friends I met from mutual friends. The way that I became friends with people was basically by doing something really weird probably, and if they responded by doing something strange as well, then they were my friend. That's always been oddly natural.

Anyway, I feel like it will be different when I'm around total strangers. I don't really even WANT to make new friends at all, as I can still just talk to my friends in a different state. I do slightly want to have a friend in my new school though, because I just started collecting Magic The Gathering cards, and I want to be able to play them with someone.

How do I make friends? I haven't really had to try to make friends in a long time, because I've just had the same friends mostly for 9 years from being in the same school system, and I don't usually try to make friends. I just like having few friends.

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25 May 2014, 6:48 pm

How are you at drama? Speech? Figure out what club you'd possibly be interested in and who the teacher is who leads it. Get their e-mail or some contact info and write a message saying pretty much what you said here about being in a new school, etc., and not knowing anyone. A good teacher will know how to pair you with a helpful kid or two.

If a friend wasn't at lunch that day I'd just sit at random tables and each. I walked with my head held high and said "hello" to everyone. If you act like you're friendly with everyone, sometimes that's half the battle. At the worst, they'll say, "Okay, they're not in any of the normal cliques, but they're harmless enough." Whereas if you don't seem confident you're more likely to get picked on. At least you have all summer to perfect that walk. :)