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25 May 2014, 7:34 pm

Some bad thing happened. I was going to work at an amusement park as expected but since the supervisors changed the time and dates constantly, I was getting fed up and the earliest time they set was 7:15 am. I told them that's early, they said well you wouldn't be able to work. So I rejected it. It seems so creepy; what I read was the black car (I don't know what brand it was) sent to pick me up at Keele station to go to...I don't know where on earth would I be. I thought I going to the park to work. If I could suspect what their motivation was, it wouldn't trust them. Since it didn't happen to me, I was relieved. That would've been scary, given the fact that people have been killed by some random stranger or even a friend of them. You know what reminds me of? Human trafficking. People have been lured into thinking they were going to have a job or something else like become a model, only to end up being kidnapped and even killed in the days, weeks, months or even years to come.

Since I learned a lesson, my advice is to be aware of what the job is and where the location is, also the work schedule. If someone asks you if you can work at night, you say no. You have a right to reject a job offer. Sometimes jobs that are advertised or offers don't tell you what time can you work or what location does the job take place. Don't take a job offer randomly, you can take it or not. Just be careful.

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25 May 2014, 7:50 pm

The Squid works at night with no problems. It's always about being aware of your surroundings. Other tips can be helpful, such as never allowing someone to hold a door open for you during the night shift. Always insist they go inside first, so you aren't stuck with a weapon pressed against your back. Look for suspicious behavior, such as pacing, panicked or finicky behavior, or someone who is too interested in your schedule. When asked "What time do you get off" we generally respond "Whenever my relief shows up." This puts kidnappers off, as they have to wait and watch. Beware too of people who hang around FAR too long. When in doubt, call the police, and explain that there is someone suspicious around. Explain what they look like, and what they've been doing, and just have them come around and check the person out. It's what they are there for. You should never have to work in fear.