Your college experience better than high school experience?

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02 Jun 2014, 5:20 pm

Higher education was vastly better than Secondary school. Though I got lots of support for my ASD at school, I feel that secondary education really doesn't prepare you that much for the big bad world like college actually does IMHO.

At secondary school, there was lots of unnecessary scaremongering from teachers about adult life and how you need to pass all your exams or else you'll NEVAAAR get a job. Plus, the bullying and mind games from the other pupils. My last year of school was definately the worst, mainly because I grew pretty bitter and disillusioned with the educational system as well as very angry at my poor performance at school (when, previously, I was actually quite a good pupil). I also got duped into not taking art, which was a buy mistake because I should have been working on my portfolio that year. Plus, they were giving me godawful advice that I'm so glad I didn't take. One such example was telling me not to go to College and instead go straight to Uni (even though they knew I wasn't ready).

But in college, and later uni, there were no threats or emotional blackmail or built tripping from the lecturers, like with the teachers. Prolly because they knew that they didn't need to rely on scare tactics because a)I'm a f*****g adult and b) I chose to join the course. They were sympathetic to my issues and I was able to tell them that I was struggling without feeling like I was being judged. My lecturers were also enthusiastic about their subject and even if they geeked out about a topic that didn't really interest me that much, I would be fascinated because they made it so fascinating.

Classes felt participatory and not passive or phoned in. It also helps when you love the subject. Plus, my peers were also adults from many walks of life, of varying age groups and skills and were all too busy earning a degree to be stupid bullies. Going to uni, its weird being one of the older ones and seeing some mild cattiness between the younger, less experienced students, but its no where near as bad as what it was like at school.

Oh, and at college and Uni, I got tons of support from disability services. College is great, much more than high school. Just as long as he tries his best, your son will be fine I'm sure.