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12 Jun 2014, 1:34 pm

You know those people who just love to take care of people. They usually end up working with special needs kids or other similar jobs. They are nice people, but I do not want to be friends with them at all.

Those people tend to be drawn to me and I want nothing to do with them. I usually keep a friendly distance from them, but they seem to enjoy saying hi to me when I'm just walking down the hallway.

They are also way too interested in me. They ask a million questions about me and never talk about themselves. This puts way too much pressure on me.

The way they act also reminds me of all my differences. I do not want to think about my differences. This stupid world reminds me enough, I don't need some "friends" that constantly "take care of me" and remind me of how different I am. I'd rather hang out with interesting people who don't notice my differences and make me feel normal. That is what I need.

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12 Jun 2014, 2:27 pm

Give yourself a rougher and more threatening appearance.

They (those who do this to you against your will) mostly just look for people to control that way who are easy, cute and naive looking.

There's a difference between people who care for others and people who "belittle" others, the latter are a pain to everyone, regardless of age and gender and whatever other factor.


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12 Jun 2014, 2:49 pm

The other day someone told me that I should be looking for a wife.

I told him that at my age, I probably should start looking for a nurse instead.