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17 Jun 2014, 12:38 am

Gaming is one of my two core interests. It's what I spend the vast majority of my free time doing, and I have nothing BUT free time. I tend to buy games extremely frequently (every few days). I mostly do PC gaming, but I'm also very into retro consoles and such; there's an ancient Atari 7800 unit that has a permanent spot just to the left of my keyboard, and it gets alot of use since it's also compatible with the 2600's games.

My other one is cosplay and conventions. I really get into this aspect. It actually also goes off of my gaming interest, as typically it's game characters that I'll dress up as. And I'll do characters of either gender, really; I'm kinda androgynous to begin with anyway, so that works out well enough. My favorite character is Bridget from Guilty Gear, so that's the one I do the most often, but there are other outfits that I have as well, such as Noel Vermillion.

There are times though when I wish I had a few more interests than just those though... it can be hard to find common ground with others, so it often leads to me being really silent most of the time because I either have nothing to say or am uninterested in whatever is being talked about.