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19 Jul 2014, 12:50 pm

The subject of ethnic cleansing is very sad card in the history of mankind, no matter who is on it, who is the propagator and who is the victim.

In South Africa there was once Apartheid, it was a cruel system (I myself am white and I am a Pole, that belong to the group of West Slavic which also includes, as the Czechs and Slovaks).
   Whites were and masters, blacks had to serve and obey. I once read that some radical activists of the African National Congress (ANC) wanted to persuade USSR to a full military intervention using the full power of the Red Army, the Navy Naval Aviation USSR USSR and Soviet Marines, because USSR also had their Marines but the  red marinesm, whose history marine reaches branches created in the eighteenth century by Tsar Peter I, but enough digression. Help in the minds of the radicals of the ANC swarmed the idea of overthrowing the Apartheid with the Soviet intervention, and after taking power, close all the Boers and other whites in camps similar to those built by the Germans (Nazis) in Auschwitz, so they can exterminate the entire white population of South Africa as revenge for the many years of humiliation of the black population of Africa by whites. USSR could not be fooled and scammed into this insane plan.
Because they knew the  South Africa is a member of the British Commonwealth (and still is), that is, the former British Empire and the Russians knew that although this racist nonsense Apartheid in South Africa doing a shame the whole of the British Commonwealth, Great Britain it will not let any get away for the invasion of a member state Community of Nations (Casus Falkland Islands Malvinas), and sooner or later the game will join the uncle Sam, and may begin to escalate the conflict, which could become a spark World War III and even nuclear war that nobody wanted. Then came the times of Gorbachev's perestroika and glasnost. USSR slowly withdrew from all foreign military intervention, at the beginning of Afghanistan, (although a shame that the Red Army just came from there can it be now less Taliban and may not have been al-Qaeda)

Apparently, the radicals of the ANC were very saddened that they can not exterminate white. In time, the power of the liberal wing of the ANC has taken under the leadership of Nelson Mandela and, together with President de Klerk abolished Apartheid, what seems to be both got the Nobel Peace Prize.

I think I walked away from the topic? It was to be about ethnic cleansing in the ruling class and is about apartheid and ethnic conflicts in South Africa.

I wonder if it happened once, to the oppressed social layer made ​​of ethnic cleansing on a privileged class?

[this is my personal thought about ethnic cleansing, with is wrong and it crime against humanist according to UN Charter i wrote this originally in native Polish language and spell-checked in Word 2013 (i still not used to spell checker in office 2013) than i translated it into English using Google Translator so the text my have some flaws but i tried to remove all mistakes i you feedback is welcome]