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27 Jan 2015, 4:37 pm

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."
M.K Gandhi
A cadet in a Heinlein novel was once dispatched to headquarters with "an important coded message." When he got there, he had a chance to ask what the great news had been. His boss was a bit puzzled, and then replied - "Oh - your credentials. Without them, you wouldn't have woken up."
I'm 66, and won a world championship with a very innovative first prototype. Even that didn't get me more than a footnote in history, and everybody in the field still does it the hard way. However, a few times, just the right word at the right time seems to have changed a life for the better. I've also had decades when my very best understanding of the situation had not suggested any action.
Feeling some vague unease, Robert Persig went into "Lateral Drift" - semi-random travel and studies - until he stumbled across his connections. He still had to send his best book to 119 publishers before one took a chance and got a bestseller. As long as I'm putting my truth out there as much as my neighbors do, I'm content to leave the rest to fate. I can't figure out what to say, and Facebook success both in one lifetime.