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08 Aug 2014, 11:05 pm

timf wrote:
If God gave you your intellectual talents, it may be that he had a plan for you to use them other than getting a college degree and job that would make you miserable. For example, he might have a plan for you at some future date to be able to comfort a father whose son has been killed in a car accident. Your intellect might help you offer consolation in such a way as to be of comfort to a man at point of deep despair in his life. Your anxieties may be a way of keeping you from being woven so tightly into the fabric of the world that you would be unavailable to offer comfort when it was needed.

When you get knocked off track from the path everyone else is on, they often see it as a tragedy. However, the view one gets "off track" often is more illuminating than they would understand. You may decide to try to get back on track, find another track or live completely off track. You should understand that you are going to have to live your life yourself. The expectations of others may be an expression of love in the language they understand, but that language may not be a good fit to the world you see.

Wise words. I love the way you think, timf.