Why are there more guitar players than piano players?

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23 Sep 2014, 1:28 pm

Chummy wrote:
E. Guitars are so easy. Just plug and play. Acoustic/Classic guitars are easier. Just play :)

Most professional keyboards however require some sort of amplification in addition to power supply, as if you just want to turn on and play you'll have to settle on a worse keyboard with internal speakers and maybe batteries, and there's a limit to how loud internal speakers can get and how much time batteries can last.

In the circa 40s people tried to play rockn'roll with pianos and saxophones and it didn't sound good. Then came the E. guitars in various shapes and colours and wowed the audience. Plus performers who use guitars with straps can get a better connection on stage with the audience rather than a guy sitting in front of a keyboard/piano.

In the 80s alot of musicians began using synthesizers instead of orchestral instruments, but afterwards with the invention of MIDI and DAW and everything people neglected hardware keyboards to virtual keyboard instruments on the computer. You can't however mimic a guitar with a VST that good.... That's why guitars will never be abandoned IMO. You can't immitate the strum on a keyboard.

I'm a Keyboard as well as Ukulele player So I do understand why it is fun using a stringed instuments, but.... keyboards have SO many sounds and parameters to choose from that I doubt they will ever abandoned as well.

As for the gender thing, Keyboards are associated with kitschy bubblegum pop and pianos with Classical music, which is not so 'manly' (in my personal opinion though, as seeing most pro keyboard players are men, this isn't the thing). However guitars are associated with Rock and Metal, and girls who are influected by this culture are considered tomboys.

I play keyboards in mainly an Alt Country/Folk style music. I do prefer playing the piano over keyboard. I like the acoustic sound. The digital keyboards are getting better at sounding more natural, but for a long time they sounded awful in piano sound. You would prefer to use the more synthesizer sounds or electronic sounds. I feel that on a keyboard I can play solo and get a much fuller sound than I would on a guitar. But I do envy guitar players- especially those that can play melody lines on top of the strokes.


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25 Sep 2014, 9:12 pm

I started out with keyboard before guitar because I was not sure how to tune guitars, and keyboards are as affordable as guitars can be. Maybe upright pianos are not affordable, but some of the keyboards have heavy weighting so that they feel like proper pianos - and cost in the same range as guitars. Yeah, I second on the gender thing. A lot more females I know play piano.